Be an Encourager

Dear Saints,

The joy of the Lord is your strength. I pray that you are experiencing true joy in Jesus. It has finally begun to feel like fall, leaves have started to change colors, frost has killed the top leaves of my three large angel trumpet plants in my back yard, and the mornings are almost too cool to exercise (for some). With the time changing this week, it will cause sunset to come earlier. While some people don’t like this season, others are enjoying it immensely. 

I enjoy where this cooler weather is leading— Thanksgiving and the holiday season. We have very much to praise God for. His mercy, compassion, and grace continue to flow like a never ending stream. The answer “better than I deserve” can be given by each of us when asked how we are doing. God’s abundant grace is truly amazing.

How can we pass this grace on to others? Here are a few possibilities: 

1. Write a Thank You note to someone for the ministry they perform. About this time some people with church responsibilities are second guessing if they want to continue the second year. We often take people for granted. Share some words of affirmation thanking people for allowing God’s love to shine through; or praising God that He gave them the gift of …. And for being faithful for using it in such a positive way.

2. Expand the kindness challenge to another individual outside your family. Relationships need to be improved at every level, so attempting another 30 day kindness challenge can be invigorating for you and your relationships. 

3. Encourage a student, missionary, or Bible worker by helping them with some additional finances. This can also grow your faith as you trust in God more. 

4. Commit to leading or participating in a small group. Hebrews reminds us to not forsake the assembling of ourselves together especially in these last days. Coming together encourages others. In Acts the early church met together daily for fellowship, prayer, and the breaking of bread. If in our culture daily is too often, maybe we could be a little more faithful in Sabbath, prayer meeting, or small group attendance.

Be an encourager, give a gift to a shut in, take a meal to someone that lost a spouse, make a phone call, or send a card. Don’t limit yourself. Try one thing today and another tomorrow or one thing this week and another next week. 

As the holidays get nearer, don’t give up. Continue to be faithful to the work to which God has called you. Who knows what your words of encouragement may mean to another.

Pastor Dale