God Knows My Name

Daisy was a student of mine when she was in Kindergarten. Later, when she was in second grade, I worked with her in two programs: in ESOL (English as a Second Language) and EIP (Early Intervention Program). I saw her for forty minutes twice each day. I also saw her every morning as I unloaded the buses. Unfortunately, after two years, I was just as likely to call her Diana as I was during the first week of her very first year. I don’t know why. Maybe she looked more like a Diana than a Daisy in some back recess of my mind. But whenever it happened, she laughed and said, “It’s Daisy!”

Then there was Carlos.  I also knew him for two years. I might call him Daniel or Luis. It just popped out as he would get off the bus. A couple of times, in my confusion, I tried to correct myself as he went by, and it ended up, “Hi, Luis Daniel Carlos!” He grinned. 

I attempted to get their names right, and most of the time I did. But with some, it was a real struggle. I knew it was important to the children that the staff knew their names. As I called off names of passing students as they flowed from the buses, I would, from time to time, have a student I had never worked with come up and say, “My name is ---- (Juan, Susana, whatever).” It was clear they wanted their name spoken too as they passed by me. They wanted to be known.

I’m glad the Lord knows my name and yours, and that of every child on the earth. Can you picture it? All the redeemed are streaming in through the gates of glory and the God of the Universe is standing there greeting everyone by name.  He doesn’t get a single one wrong. Just think of it—not one will come up to Him and say “My name is –…,“  He is intimately acquainted with each one like a parent knows each of his or her children.  

But it makes sense since we are His children. Of course He knows us. What a great feeling! He’s calling you and me by name today. Can’t you hear Him?

Have a wonderful day, regardless what your name is.

By Jerry Wasmer

Head Elder