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It times past, it was a shared goal in the community for young men to grow up to be gentleman.   While that character quality was upheld as a positive value, and even promoted, if you ask the children of that generation you will find that they did not exactly provide a lot of good role models to follow.  In fact, today we have slipped so far that manners and gentleness seem to be all together forgotten.  


Gentleness as a virtue has lost favor, and in its place Rambo and Mission Impossible are idolized.  Why is this trait so difficult to achieve?  Why is it a rare quality to find gentleness into today's society?

Pastor Rusty Williams will be speaking December 3. His message is entitled, Good Ole' 21st Century Gentleness.  Worship with us at 8:30 am or  10:45 am at 7450 Standifer Gap Rd. or click Watch Online at 10:45 am.  


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    Sun 11 Dec
    Dec 11, 3:00 PM
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